Test2LearnTM Community-Based Pharmacogenomics Certificate Program

The information and materials in this certificate program are provided only for general educational and informational purposes and do not constitute professional or legal advice.  The National Association of Chain Drug Stores makes an effort with the program developers, on an annual basis, to help to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of the information and materials.  Given the dynamic nature of the content area, however, certificate program trainers and participants shall not solely rely on, or act solely on the basis of, the information and materials provided during the certificate program, live or otherwise. 
All information and material are subject to, and superseded by, all applicable rules and regulations and the pharmacist’s employer’s applicable guidelines, policies, or procedures.  Additionally, NACDS suggests that pharmacies to seek professional or legal advice in the appropriate jurisdiction or state prior to providing pharmacogenomic services.


The information and materials in this certificate program do not represent a standard of care or standard business practices for pharmacies.  Certificate program elements may not be appropriate for all pharmacies or practice sites.  Each pharmacy should design its service and employee education programs based upon its own unique needs and circumstances, and should modify model examples as appropriate.


Nothing contained in this certificate program shall be construed as an express or implicit invitation to engage in any illegal or anticompetitive activity.  Nothing contained in this certificate program shall, or should be, construed as an endorsement of any particular method of treatment, any particular device or test, or any particular method of pharmacy practice. By continuing participation in this program, you agree to release the National Association of Chain Drug Stores from any liability arising from your participation in this program, including, but not limited to, the live training, or in any way associated with your professional practice.


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