Test2LearnTM Community-Based Pharmacogenomics Certificate Program

General Questions 

Who is the target audience for the certificate program?

The target audience for the certificate program is community pharmacy, academia, and pharmacy association staff. While the program is primarily designed for community pharmacists, non-pharmacists interested in pharmacogenomics are also welcome to complete the program.  

Do I have to provide my genetic data in order to participate?

No. While a genetic test is included in the program, the participant is under no obligiation to participate in the taking of the genetic test. Participants who elect not to complete the genetic test will be provided with deidentified data to utilize during the training to facilitate education.

How many hours is the certificate program?

The certificate program is 20 hours of continuing education – 12 hours of home study and 8 hours of live training. 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) is equivalent to 20 hours of continuing education credits. 

Where do I sign up to take the certificate program?

Individual sessions may also be offered by registered providers. When a registered provider’s session is open to the public, NACDS lists the session under this website with a link to the registration page. Participants sign up directly through the registered provider. 

How much does the certificate program cost?

NACDS does not set a price for the certificate program. The cost of the course per participant provided through a registered provider is set by the registered provider. 

Who teaches the live session for the certificate program?

Session instructors have all completed a 3-hour train-the-trainer program, in addition to successfully completing the certificate program. Instructors have varied backgrounds typically in community pharmacy, academia, or pharmacy associations.

Hosting a Session 

How do I become a session instructor?

To become a session instructor, you must take the 20-hour certificate program and also complete a 3-hour live train-the-trainer course as well. Once you are a session instructor, you may offer the course through an organization that has an active registered provider agreement in place with NACDS.

What are the responsibilities for organizations as registered providers? 

While NACDS offers website support for participants to access the learning product and receive CE credit, the registered provider is responsible for all on-site logistics of the session and must sign a Registered Provider Agreement. For more information about registered provider responsibilities and requirements, please contact NACDS staff directly. 

Continuing Education

How do I get continuing education credit for the certificate program?

Pharmacists can receive 20 hours of Continuing Pharmacist Education (CPE) credit if they successfully complete the entire course and pass all assessments. As an ACPE-accredited provider, NACDS submits CPE credit electronically through CPE Monitor. To learn more about how to claim credit, please click on the CE Information. 

Can other health professionals receive CE credit for participation in the course?

NACDS is only accredited by ACPE to provide continuing education credit for pharmacists. This course is specifically designed with pharmacists in mind and credit is not available for other health professionals through NACDS.

Participant Questions 

How can I access the learning product?

Contact the registered provider for the specific session you signed up to attend. The registered provider is responsible for providing their session participants with an enrollment code that will unlock access to the learning product on this website. 

Who do I contact if I am having technical difficulties with the website in general or accessing the learning product?

Please contact your session trainer for additional assistance. Session trainers should be able to troubleshoot some issues, or request assistance from NACDS if necessary. 

After I take the live session, what else do I need to do?

At the live session, your instructor will provide an attendance code at the end of the session. You must log back into this website, complete an evaluation and enter the attendance code. 

How can I get a copy of my certificate?

Upon successful completion of all modules in the learning product, an electronic PDF of your certificate will be automatically generated. This document can be accessed through your profile. NACDS does not print/mail hard copies of certificates. 

How do I know my CPE credit has been processed?

You are responsible for logging into CPE Monitor to ensure credit has been posted after successful completion of the course. Upon successful completion of all modules of the learning product, NACDS automatically sends your information along to CPE Monitor. To learn more about how to claim credit, please click on the CE Information link. 

Will I have access to this learning product after successful completion of the course?

Yes, you have access to all course material for ten years.

Can I receive partial credit for the program if I do not complete all 20 hours?

Partial credit cannot be awarded by NACDS. Only those who successfully complete the entire 20-hour course are eligible for credit through ACPE. 

Does NACDS offer a partial or full refund for a Test2LearnTM Community-Based Pharmacogenomics Certificate or Train-the-Trainer course?

Unfortunately, NACDS does not provide any partial or full refunds for these education programs.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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